Welcome to Mercenary Vocals!
             *Gunn's for Hire*

Providing professional Studio vocalists through the world wide web.

Mercenary Vocals comprises of hundreds of singers perfect for your particular project: readers that read, feelers that feel, rockers that rock, swingers that swing, funky, jazzy, sweet and sexy, and sound-a-likes that have an uncanny resemblance to that original artist.

Mercenary Vocals is the brainchild of Jeff and Vangie Gunn, highly respected industry professionals. Versatility and flexibility have led to multiple credits for T.V. & Radio Jingles, film sessions, pop and classical concerts, musical theater and many different vocal arrangements.

You can trust us to find the right singers from soloists to small groups or full choirs (kids and adult).

Vangie Gunn is the only vocal contractor you need to handle your sessions. When Vangie is hired, you are guaranteed to receive the best vocal results in any musical style for groups as well as soloists. She has access to fresh, new singers - seasoned, polished singers - singers who specialize in different styles (sound-alikes, cartoon and character voices, and more) as well as kids. Currently an L.A. studio singer herself for over 10 years, she understands how sessions work between producers, composers, singers and any others involved. You can trust her people skills and her ability to keep a positive working environment. Vangie will find whatever sound or vibe you are searching for. Another part of her job is to take care of any and all paperwork, filing, and union dealings as needed for each individual project.

Take a look at something fresh and exciting, use Mercenary Vocals and hire Vangie Gunn for your next project. You will not be disappointed.

**A non-exclusive Vocal-Agency